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Lost Things



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Performance Options

╴Original ▹(Very Poor Performance) Unity Package (PC ONLY)
╴Quest▹(Good Performance) Unity Package/ (Quest Performance) Unity Package QUEST WILL HAVE NO HUE SHIFTS
╴Good ▹(Good Performance)Unity Package (PC ONLY)

╴ Base▹  ᴮᴸˣˣᴰ#6666 ╴ Ears ▹ Fooly#2329
╴Hair▹ Saikura#0006 ╴Onesie ▹BeardieChan 
╴ Backpack▹Hayweee#1999

╴No distribution of any kind other than your own personal use
╴No public uploads of this avatar are allowed
╴You are not permitted to farm assets from my models. You must purchase from the original creator that is linked
╴You are not permitted to rip the head or body sculpts for personal or commercial use
╴You cannot edit and resell in any way, shape, or form

VRC 2022. 3.0 SDK 
Poiyomi Pro V 8.026.0

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