• Barbz

    I love Lost Things because of 3 simple facts. 1, The Owner is a absolute angel, She is so sweet beyond belief. 2, The Avis obviously, they are so beautfiul and they are exactly the style I personally look for, and am now honored to be able to represent them and the whole brand. Finally 3, the community everyone is together and everyone has at least one thing in common, a love for the brand. From the darkness of Fallon, to the plastic vibes of Izzi everyone has their feminine style represented.

    Barbz Instagram 
  • - Lola Bunny -

    I Honestly Love The Feel Of LT As A Whole She Brings A Whole New Look On Sexy! From Soft, Pastel Colored, Girly Avis To Dark, Grungy, Evil Avis ! No Matter What She Does She Kills Every Look! In The Future I Hope So See More Male Avatars For Sure & Maybe Some Couple Sets! I Would Love To See What LOST Comes Up With! She Kills All Her Females, I’m Sure He Will Kill It With Her Males!

    Lola Bunny Instagram 
  • Sailorluna

    When I first started playing VRChat, finding avatars that truly embraced my body's curves proved to be quite the challenge. However, my luck changed when I stumbled upon Lost Things. They not only make me feel undeniably sexy but also confident and empowered. The fact that Lost Things also offers opti avatars that closely resemble the base models is truly remarkable. I find myself eagerly anticipating each new release from Lost Things, as their dedication and attention to detail shine through in every avatar they create. It's this commitment to quality that keeps me coming back for more.

    Sailorluna Instagram 
  • Cookiecrvmb

    They make me feel like a powerful woman. I love the styles and the bases of the model, And the uniqueness of them. She does a beautiful job with the work she puts into them.

    Cookiecrvmb Instagram 
  • Jellylicious

    I feel like it's always been very straight-forward and unique to itself, you can recognize an avatar made by Lost immediately by the stylized body and fashion choices which I find very iconic. I always love it when people stay true to themselves and their own style. So I have to give kudos for that.

    Jellylicious Instagram 
  • Valenti

    There’s an avatar for any aesthetic you could be going for! Along with fitting those aesthetic, they are also very unique and one of a kind! Even with that you can always still recognize it was made by lost things! I love seeing what lost creates and I’m always so hype to see the final turn out.

    Valenti Instagram 
  • Fiend

    I felt welcome as soon as I joined the server. Getting an inside look on how everyone treats each-other was eye opening, like a small family. Lost is understanding and I am thankful for that. I can’t wait to be apart of the team more and improve on my skills.

    Fiend Instagram 
  • AZ

    She create with her heart and make u feel relaxed in any avatar you buy, The looks from being a cow to a demon and even just relax there's a avatar out there that fits in everyone's quality, I hope to become a better and bigger content creator and be able to share my avatars i've been making with the world one day. Can't wait to see what's in store for the future.

    AZ Instagram 
  • Teranna

    Lost smells

    Teranna Instagram 
  • - GeminiBeauty -

    The diversity of the ABSOLUTE Mommies that LOST has cranked out is just amazing to make me keep coming back for more. From "kawaii" to "Bitch I'll tear your face off" is exactly what they people want and need for those special moments we all share on Vrchat whether it's just lounging playing games with friends to slaying laps in clubs it's the perfect store.

    - Gemini Beauty - Instagram 
  • ~ Lilith ~

    She puts in so much love and effort into all her avatars and assets, trying to make something for everyone to wear! She's also an amazing person and does what she can to make people happy! She grew a great community where I've met some lovely people like my fellow ambassadors!

    Lilith Instagram 
  • Bunni

    Working with Lost these past months has been an amazing experience. Lost is such a kind & beautiful person. I've gotten to know her & can gladly say, she is one of my favourite people. Supporting her & getting the opportunity to represent her brand is something I do not take for granted. Lost has definitely contributed to the better parts of my experience in the VR Communities.

    Bunni Instagram