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Lost Things

Jane X Jace

Jane X Jace

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Performance Options

╴Original ▹(Very Poor Performance) Unity Package (PC ONLY)
╴Quest▹(Good Performance) Unity Package/ (Quest Performance) Unity Package
╴Good ▹(Good Performance)Unity Package (PC ONLY)

For Credits, more information, or to purchase separately please click on the links below!



╴No distribution of any kind other than your own personal use. (Avatar can only be uploaded to one account)

╴No public uploads of this avatar are allowed edited or not.
(The avatar is to stay private at all times)

╴No trading or price splitting is allowed. 

╴Do not claim any of Lost Things avatars as your own work.
(If asked about the avatar please send them the link to the avatar.)

╴You are not permitted to farm assets from my models. You must purchase from the original creator that is linked.
(ex. You pull clothing off of the avatar for your own use)

(ex2. Lost makes a asset on a avatar that isn't for sale you cannot take it off the avatar for your own use)

╴ You are not permitted to rip the head or body sculpts for personal or commercial use.
(You cannot reuse my base or head in any way, shape, or form)

╴ You cannot edit my avatar to be unrecognizable.
(This includes Headswaps, Base changes, and Major outfit swaps)
(Open up a ticket in the Lost Things discord server to get edits approved)

╴Give credit where credit is due.
(If making post on social medias tag us or give credit in the description)

╴My avatar can be put into other games.

╴ I will NOT be updating avatars as new updates come out.
(If you make edits to the avatar and the avatar breaks I am not responsible to help you fix it)


╴ Poiyomi Pro V 8.026.0
╴ DPS 

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