Frequently Asked

1. Are Lost Avatars Quest Friendly? No, We may offer quest models in the future! 

2. If I have a problem with a avatar where to I go to get help? Great Question, join Lost This discord server and open up a help ticket! Please DO NOT DM Lost. 

3. Can I receive a refund if I am not happy with my purchase? Sales are final, depending on the situation I can offer in-store credit! 

4. I want a model, but it says it out of stock. How do I get it? Lost offers free models in her discord server for not only joining, but nitro boosting. Check the details on the model to see which one it is! 

5. I'd like to partner with Lost Things, what are the qualification?
Avatar Server - Similar Rules, and must have a avatar market!
Club Server - Must have a avatar market!

6. How can I receive discounts on my purchases? All avatars are posted for a pre-order before they are dropped (Discord Exclusive), and occasional sales. 

7. What is a Pre-Order and How does it work? Pre-orders simply give you a way to get the model you want at a lower price, all you have to do is wait until the date the model is officially dropped to receive the files. 

8. How do I become a cast member for Lost Things? Watch the announcement board in Lost Things Discord Server! We hire little at a time so chances are rare. 

9. I want to learn blender and unity better, can you teach me? Some what, I have a voice channel in my server where you can "Watch The Work" happen. I'll  be in there occasionally. 

10. Can I purchase a model with a different form of payment that the site offers? No, all sales are done through my site! 

11. Can I trade a model for a lost things model? Forbidden!